Voices in the Air

Today was the dress rehearsal for our middle school one-act plays, and I was especially thrilled to see the performance that I am directing come to fruition. Four eighth-grade girls are bringing to life the words of young Afghan women in cooperation with the Afghan Women’s Writing Project.

I was a little concerned that young American teens would have trouble translating the emotion and experience of women living in a culture so far removed from their own. My fears were unfounded. The girls have connected with the voices of their writers, bringing a sensitivity and depth to their performances that belies their years. They also helped add elements of photography and costuming that connect the pieces through color and image.

We are proud to help bring attention to this worthwhile project, and the girls have elected to send our proceeds to the project to assist in its vision. I hope to have some photos later this weekend as performances are tomorrow and Friday evening. In one of the pieces, the girls, as an ensemble, recite “I am from a long line of women who have walked alone.” I am  proud that they are giving voice to women across the world and learning that no one needs to walk alone.


2 thoughts on “Voices in the Air

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  2. What a fantastic opportunity for all involved. So many schools are cutting arts programs. I wish more children had an opportunity to participate in something like this, especially at earlier ages.

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