Poetry Mixtape #9: Prose by any other name…

A short post this week -I have had a busy one, directing the play and getting ready for the Rhino Poetry Forum on Sunday. But Jane Hirshfield has some wise words for me and other busy women who write.

Waking the Morning Dreamless after a Long Sleep by Jane Hirshfield

But with the sentence: “Use your failures for paper.” Meaning, I understood, the backs of failed poems, but also my life. Whose far side I begin now to enter— A book imprinted without seeming season, each blank day bearing on its reverse, in random order, the mad-set type of another. December 12, 1960. April 4, 1981. 13th of August, 1974— Certain words bleed through to the unwritten pages. To call this memory offers no solace. “Even in sleep, the heavy millstones turning.” I do not know where the words come from, what the millstones, where the turning may lead. I, a woman forty-five, beginning to gray at the temples, putting pages of ruined paper into a basket, pulling them out again.

If you want to write:

1. Write a prose poem about the aftermath of a dream.


2. Write a piece that includes the writing life.

I promise there will be more next week. This week, I am barely finding time to put the papers in the basket and pull them out again. Peace


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