NaPoWriMo Day 7: Tired.

Not from writing poems, I’m afraid. (Just from running.) But I did do some poetry-related work today despite the muscle fatigue. I read an old issue of Fence that I picked up at AWP. It was interesting, but I must admit that many of the poems didn’t resonate with me. Some were interesting, but many were too obscure for my taste. I don’t mind working to read and enjoy a poem, but there is a limit to my diligence. Some people may say that perhaps I am just not smart enough. So be it. Duh. And fine with that.


Prepared submissions for Prairie Schooner and Harpur Palate. Check and check. Researched a couple of contests for the manuscript. Check again.


I did a quick draft, but I don’t really like it. Here are a couple of the lines that might survive:

“she buys seven helmets to hold the words/inside her head all week.”

she/wants to give him a gift so simple/that even the soil can do it. She cannot.”

One week down. Three to go. Happy writing!


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