NaPoWriMo Day 9: Better Late than Never

Yesterday, I did not create a new poem, but I did take some notes. Perhaps tomorrow they will turn into something.

What I DID do on the poetry front was to share “The Death of Santa Claus” by Charles Webb with my classes. (As a follow-up to our Yevtushenko discussion the other day.) One class laughed, and the other just sat there. (Not sure what to make of that – is it possible that 13-year-olds still believe in Santa?)

I also headed to my favorite Chicagoland poetry venue to hear Anthony Madrid read from his book I Am Your Slave Now Do What I Say. He was an entertaining reader, and his humor and tone really helped me to make connections in some poems that I had struggled to connect with on the page. (A re-read will now be heard differently in my head, I think.) He was also open, funny, and gracious in casual discussion after the reading. A good night of poems, to be sure.


One thought on “NaPoWriMo Day 9: Better Late than Never

  1. As for Santa…I think some kids WANT to still believe…hard for me to believe…or they just don’t think Santa is funny…it’s a childish subject.
    As for the poems read out loud…I think that is the best way to “read” a poem…to hear the author read it. Just like books. the spoken word from the author is best unless they are totally poor readers for one reason or another…they read maybe flat an without emotion.
    What a joy it must be for the students to have this kind of exposure to the written word.

    Siggi in Downeast Maine

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