NaPoWriMo Day 14: Guidelines

While reading some online journals last night, I came across this line in the submission guidelines for Prick of the Spindle: “Speaking of fresh, please no cicadas, pomegranates, or babushkas.”

That led me to this draft. Enjoy.

Submission Guidelines

No cicadas, pomegranates, or babushkas. No hearts like birds in the cage of the ribs. No sirens, no muses, no ravens, no bees. No moonlight pooling on the cold concrete. No mention of tears in the same breath as rain. No dust dancing in the filtered light. No dripping showers, no swirling drains. No sparks or cinders, no blazing fires.No branches entangled, no flurries of wings. No palms or fists or clutching fingers. No crumpled sheets. No junkie sweats. No hospital bedsides. No bedsores, no veins.No soaring or wailing or gnashing of teeth. No chaos, no nightmares, no dark abyss.No eyes that hold ice or throw daggers. No shoulders too white or silken or cold. No drifting or gloaming or fallow fields. No blood on the snow or the porcelain sink.


11 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 14: Guidelines

  1. Hi
    I’ve been following your blog for about a week now, and I am really enjoying it.

    Your poem is great. Oh, and, “abyss” — guilty. But only because it’s one of my favorite words. It doesn’t actually appear all *that* often. 🙂

    Off to wander around in your archives now…

  2. I love the poem.
    Billy Collins wrote in the preface to Best American Poems 2006 that if he came across the word “cicada” he simply couldn’t go on. Of course, then I had to write a cicada poem. It was published
    online here.

    • I love that both you and Kathleen wrote cicada poems in response to Collins – Catherine, I enjoyed reading all of your poems on the link that you sent. I have written two poems that argue with Billy Collins and both have also been published. Maybe that will be a prompt coming up soon!

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