NaPoWriMo Days 16 and 17: Miscellaneous

Didn’t post yesterday as I had a reading with my friend and fellow poet Kristin LaTour at Cafe Ballou in Chicago. We did a “tag-team” feature where we traded off poems without planning ahead of time. We also used the theme of “New Work” for the night, so we chose work that we had never read, even pulling some straight from journals still in longhand. It was a very interesting way to do a reading, and it was fun to surprise each other and the audience. Here’s Kristin below:


I did draft a poem yesterday while waiting for the reading to begin. Here is a small line from the piece:

we are Doric, Ionic, fluted and marbled; we hold things up.


Now that I have caught up, my poetry activity for today was to send in an AWP proposal for Boston 2013 that I developed with poets Nina Corwin, Collin Kelly, Kathleen Kirk, and Megan Volpert.  Putting it together was a nice collaborative experience, so now we wait.

And, last but not least, today Adanna Literary Journal‘s featured poets page has new poems about fathers and daughters featuring two from…me and also two from Kathleen Kirk. Go read!


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