NaPoWriMo Day…What Day Is It, Again?

So, I have officially run out of steam for NaPoWriMo. Yes, I have been reading – poetry books, online journals, other people’s blogs. But the well is dry right now for new writing ideas. I have been crazy busy at work, and I am stressed about work AND the half marathon I have coming up soon.

But there is poetry news – new work online in an excellent issue of Arsenic Lobsterincluding work by the lovely and talented Kathleen Kirk. And soon the new print issue of 580 Split which sent galleys this week, including work from Amorak Huey, Nicholas YB Wong, Hannah Craig, and Michelle Disler.

I am glad I didn’t pressure myself to “complete” NaPoWriMo this year. I have no regrets about the work I’ve done because it was either free write work or pieces that I really wanted to write, not something that I forced myself to do. Hopefully, I will be back to write here more regularly for reasons other than the fact that it is April!


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