Catching Up…

Sorry to have been absent. Busy, busy. To my winners of the Poetry Giveaway – I have not forgotten you. I just have not had time to get them to the post office. They will be mailed in the next week.  Poetry Mixtape is a week behind- that will also return later in the week as well.

Lots of mixed feelings about my writing lately. I have had some good news from a journal I like, and I have had several rejections. I also had two “encouraging rejections” of my manuscript from non-contest publishers. Both used phrases like “fine writing” and “many strengths” – that feels good, of course. But now it’s back to the drawing board for the summer, taking another look at the manuscript, editing, rearranging, perhaps adding newer, stronger work and removing older pieces. *Sigh*

In the whole scheme of life, placing my manuscript is certainly not a big deal or a necessity. (That concept has certainly been brought home for me after the recent loss of my friend, poet/book artist Matt Barton who also published my second chapbook.) Manuscript, shmanuscript, I want to say. But I do feel very strongly that it is good, and I am debating how to continue with it – contests? waiting for other open submission periods? Or just moving on with new work and letting it sit for a while?

Would love any advice from those of you who might be in the same place with a manuscript (or were, at one point, before placing one…lucky dogs).

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