I know that some of you were probably expecting a new poem/prompt today, but instead I want to explain why I will be taking a short break from the Mixtape posts.

I have had very little creative energy lately, which I’m hoping will be cured by my annual pilgrimage to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival next week. In the meantime, now that school is out, I am going to attempt to reduce the amount of time I spend worrying about keeping up with “projects” or internet-type things I feel I should be doing and increase the amount of time I spend reading and writing.

I’m sure that I will update from Iowa – and the Mixtape will be back – but I am giving myself the next two weeks off to concentrate on what a writer needs to do – write. If I have something to share, I’ll be here. Otherwise, I’ll see you in July.


8 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. I was so excited to come across your blog (via Margo Roby)! I am originally from the Des Moines area and have been to the Iowa Summer Writing Festival several times (but not in recent years–I’m in Raleigh now). The Festival had just come to mind again in the past month and now I am eager to put it on my list again for next summer. Thanks for the daily updates!

    • Thanks for stopping by – I have been attending the Festival for at least 15 years, and it never fails to revive my creative energy. I hope you come by to talk prompts and other poetry/writing ideas, too.

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