Inventory, Day One


Chronic Chronos Kairos by Jacob Russell – a beautiful chapbook of letterpress poetry postcards from Damask Press.

Shipwrecks of Lake Michigan by Kristy Bowen – another lovely chapbook of collage art and poems from the editor of Dancing Girl Press.

Some poems from Grave of Light by Alice Notley.

A chapter of Kim Addonizio’s Ordinary Genius. (A reread – always an inspiration.)

Listened to:

Attack on Memory by CloudNothings (while running/walking)

Yanqui UXO by God Speed You Black Emperor (while writing)

Far From Refuge by God is an Astronaut (while writing)


Four long free writes about: fear, tornados, pessimism, and pillars (14 journal pages)

A poem draft about a church organist’s pillow (don’t ask…)

Some imitations of Notley – taking her grammatical structures from shorter poems and substituting new words.

An erasure from a page in Poets and Writers May/June issue.


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