This and That

So after a crappy night’s sleep (wedding party +drunks +room right outside elevator=no sleep ’til 2 AM), today, there was this:

Public Book Art: Treasure Island

And this:

Iowa Pride Parade on the Ped Mall

And this:

A 90 minute massage

And this:

Reading and Writing Time under the mobiles at the Iowa Public Library

And that:

Everything’s glowing after the thunderstorm


Invisible Bride by Tony Tost (investigating different approaches to prose poems)

More Grave of Light by Alice Notley

The latest issue of Rattle


In Our Heads by Hot Chip (running)

Reign of Terror and Treats by Sleigh Bells (walking around)

Port of Morrow by The Shins (writing)

Take Care, Take Care, Take Care by Explosions in the Sky (Writing)


Notes on the prose poem from Tost’s book and two anthologies from the library

A free write based on a line from Tost’s book

Completed three short poems in response to experimental films by Marc Bildos Swoon

Revised new chapbook manuscript


Wished my husband a very happy 28th anniversary over the phone. Falling in love with him was the best decision I ever made, one that needs no revision.


2 thoughts on “This and That

  1. LoveloveLOVE this: “Falling in love with him was the best decision I ever made, one that needs no revision.” My amazing hubbie and I will be 14 years this year, and I feel the exact same way. Happy reading, writing, and 28th year of happily ever after.

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