A Letting Go of Certainties

Reluctance. Hesitation. Insecurity. Other responsibilities. Procrastination. All reasons that I don’t get submissions out as often as I should or could. But today, partially with the encouragement of Laura E. Davis and the submission bombers, I got five submissions out. That may not sound like much, but between the research of the journals, organizing which poems would go out together to which journals, and formatting them all properly, it was several hours worth of work. And I’m never quite sure if the poems are ready – but it was time to let them go out into the world.

Hopefully it will be fruitful work, as evidenced in the two lovely print journals I received in the mail this week with work that was accepted earlier in the year:

Cider Press Review and 580 Split


7 thoughts on “A Letting Go of Certainties

  1. Congratulations! The journals are lovely and I’m sure your work in them is too.

    Yes, submissions take a long time for me as well. :-/ Good luck with all you sent out.

    Interesting to read this post actually, as I just finished mine for tomorrow and was also speaking of certainty, uncertainty, submissions….

  2. Good. Get them out there where they belong. I have a system for organizing submissions. I’ll tell you about it if you want. It rocks.

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