Thoughts for the Day

Thought #1:

Last night, I was fortunate enough to attend a reading by Duriel E. Harris. Her reading was intense and affecting, her use of music and different timbres of voice captivating. The kind of reading that makes me think that I really need to work on how I read my own poems. (Although I am a capable reader, I still have issues with nerves.) Sample some of her work by viewing  her film collaboration with Scott Rankin called Speleology, which includes the text underneath. I purchased her book Amnesiac and am looking forward to seeing her work on the page. (And the cover reminded me of what was supposed to be the cover for Womb/Seed/Fruit until the press said they couldn’t process it…since the books came out around the same time, it is a weird coincidence…)

Duriel E. Harris – Amnesiac

The original cover for my chapbook Womb/Seed/Fruit



Thought #2: Thanks to the generous help and feedback from Dana Guthrie Martin, I think I may have actually written my first poem that is longer than one page. This is quite exciting to me.

Thought #3: Sometimes mistakes turn into prose.

from Rose to Prose – Oak Leaf Trail, Milwaukee, WI


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