Death Cab for Cutie: The Photo Album

Yes, that is the name of one of their CDs. But it is also what you will get later in this post.

Death Cab is one of my favorite bands. I mean, one of those “if you only had to pick the catalog of a few artists to listen to for the rest of your life, I would pick them” bands. And I saw them last night for the fifth time at Chicago’s Petrillo bandshell – for the first time up close. Three of the other times, I have also seen them outdoors (Summerfest, Lollapalooza, and Millenium Park’s Pritzker Pavillion), but I have never been only six rows away from the stage.

And, although the Chicago Park District’s strict time limits on these outdoor shows prevented an encore, the band put on a good-humored and well-crafted set that did not disappoint. (And by Chicago Park District, I mean a scary-looking woman in a purple shirt who starting making cutting motions across her throat the minute the band left the stage.)

I think that tomorrow’s writing prompt will come from some favorite Death Cab lyrics – I haven’t done a lyrics-based Poetry Mixtape in a while – but, in the meantime, here are some photos from the show. Enjoy.

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One thought on “Death Cab for Cutie: The Photo Album

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