A Journey to the Center of My Being

New Ideas?

Sounds intense, huh? It comes from a quote by Darrell L. Johnson:

“The process of letting go is like taking a journey to the center of your being.”

I have spent the last several weeks revising and revisiting many of my older poems that have been languishing in folders on my computer, knowing how much better they could be if I just gave them some attention and let them come out and play.  I realized that I needed to really buckle down and decide which of these poems I still liked and then let them go.

So, I have spent the last few days submitting, submitting, submitting some of this work that has been pummeled and cajoled into new forms. In doing so, I found a sense of accomplishment that has also given me a feeling of relief, like setting down a heavy bag after carrying it through a never-ending airport hallway. (Talk to me three months from now when all those darlings are being rejected, and I may feel a little differently…)

But now that the great submission wave is over, I feel I can attend to new ideas that have been tumbling around my head like rocks – some may even come out partially polished, they’ve been in there so long.


6 thoughts on “A Journey to the Center of My Being

  1. Sounds like where I am and what I need to do. My writing brain said Stop, last week, so while I wait for its return, what you did sounds like something I can [and need] to occupy myself with. All those poems sitting pitifully in a folder waiting, because I know they aren’t quite ready for the world, I shall visit and make decisions, because I have a lot of ‘rocks’ tumbling in my head, too.


  2. Good work! I’m always trying hard to pay attention to the rhythms of the writing life — how some stretches are a streak of new work, while others ask for studied revision, then the difficult winnowing. Trusting the process isn’t always easy for me, but I keep trying. I’m sure we’ll be hearing of some acceptances from this big burst of work from you!

  3. I’m pretty much at that point as well. Lots of writer-types I know seem to be either stuck or procrastinating right now. I wonder if it has something to do with the “laziness” of the season.

    Personally, I feel like my creative spark is kinda like cinder under the ash, just waiting for the atmosphere to calm down enough to flare up again….so revise, revise, revise, I shall do as well, while I wait for this to happen.

    I completely agree that once this task is completed, and the submitting work is done, all of those new ideas can come tumbling out.

    Good luck with your subs!

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