the room, the sun and the sky

The last few days have been lazy around the house. Not in the sense that nothing got done, though – had good workouts over the weekend, did hours of planning for the new school year, cleaned the kitchen, read 4-5 poetry journals, did some writing, some submitting. But they were lazy in the sense that we were just at home, the weather finally nice enough to read and write out on the deck, to sleep comfortably, to just enjoy summer.

This morning, I saw a hummingbird out in our bushes, not a common sight around here. I will take that as a good omen for the week ahead, a week where I am waiting for some news and also planning our annual three days at Lollapalooza.

This year, there are only a few acts that I am truly looking forward to (M83, The Shins, Dum Dum Girls, Santigold, and Florence and the Machine), so it will be what I call a discovery weekend where I wander around and look for new bands to fall in love with. (I will be sure to share my new finds!) And I will be seeing a lot of this:


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