Nothing ventured…

AWP announced its line-up of panels today, and our little attempt was not on the list. I certainly appreciate the lovely Collin Kelley, Kathleen Kirk, Nina Corwin, and Megan Volpert for agreeing to at least give it a try. Without being a presenter, I won’t be able to get the time away from school to go to Boston, so I will have to see if I can make it in 2014. (I’ve never been to Seattle, so that would be a bonus.)

It was a good experience to prepare and submit the proposal, just as every submission to a journal or anthology makes me look at my poems more carefully and spend time reading the work of others. So the waiting is over for AWP, but I am still on the hook in many other aspects of my writing life:  eagerly awaiting word about my full-length manuscript from a publisher I admire and sitting on over 30 active journal submissions as well makes for an adventure every time I check my email. (I am also considering a residency application for next summer, which would add one more thing to the list.)

Tomorrow, my new batch of students arrives for the year – at least that piece of waiting will be over.


2 thoughts on “Nothing ventured…

  1. My proposal didn’t make it either, but as you say it was a useful experience… and I’ll definitely be trying again for Seattle, which I’m much more interested in visiting anyway.

    • I’m looking on the bright side. Seattle would be a new destination for me, so I might be able to stretch that into a little mini-vacation. This year is tight for me as to days off at work due to family events already taking up all my personal days.

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