Poetry Mixtape 32: Imbalance

About a year ago, Kathleen Kirk posted about long titles and short poems. As I was reading this week, I came across an example that I love in Nick Lantz’s book We Don’t Know We Don’t Know (title from a Donald Rumsfeld quote).

The Collapse of a Twenty-Story Bamboo Construction Scaffold Caught on Home Video – Hong Kong, September 12, 2002

Until you play the tape backward,

you not see the body: live and leaping

into the reassembling wreckage.


The small poem in and of itself would be a devastating image. The addition of the long title, with its sterile objectivity, makes the action of the poem all the more emotional.

If you want to write:

1. Try a poem with a long objective title that leads into an emotional image.


2. Reverse it – write a short evocative title and a long objective poem.


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