don’t carry it all

The weight feels heavy, heavier than usual. The start to the school year has been rough, and it has nothing to do with the students, who are energetic, enthusiastic, and welcoming, or with my colleagues, who are funny, supportive, and loving.  It has everything to do with all the other factors that surround us at any job. Luckily, I decided to run home today, and The Decemberists came on my iPod with “Don’t Carry It All”:

“Here we come to a turning of the season

Witness to the arc towards the sun

A neighbor’s blessed burden within reason

Becomes a burden borne of all and one
And nobody, nobody knows

Let the yoke fall from our shoulders

Don’t carry it all, don’t carry it all

We are all our hands and holders

Beneath this bold and brilliant sun

And this I swear to all”


And I felt better. It may have been the endorphins. Or the heat. But while I also am spring-loaded with tension waiting for results from a publisher who is actually considering my manuscript, and the stress builds up, I will turn to my family and my friends to help with the yoke. Don’t carry it all.


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