Poetry Mixtape 33: Small Epiphanies

I did not have much time to read or write this week, the first full week of school and all the usual politics and inservice hoo-ha having sucked the life out of me. So I used a few spare moments to grab one of the numerous chapbooks living in my house and read a poem here and there.

One that struck me as particularly simple and poignant was the poem “From the Platform” from the chapbook Memory/Future by Heather Aimee O’Nell (Gold Line Press).

From the Platform

The subway doors close

between us. I wave goodbye, still

taste morning from your quick


kiss-toothpaste, coffee, a bite

from last night’s chocolate cake.

I walk alongside the train, turn


to catch your eyes one last

time through the commuter crowd.

But you look straight ahead into


the dark lines of the tunnel,

book resting on your lap, eyes

full of the hazel green of your scarf.


You could live without me.


(sigh) The poem seems like a simple routine. The last line is a killer. Enough said.

If you want to write:

1. Write about a simple routine between you and a loved one that ends in a line of epiphany.


2. Use the title “from the platform” as the starting point for a goodbye poem.


4 thoughts on “Poetry Mixtape 33: Small Epiphanies

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