It is so strange the way things turn

Not long ago, I was having a little pity party for myself where my writing was concerned. Many small rejections. A major disappointment. Nothing new brewing in my over-stuffed skull. So first, poetry friends and boot camp and a few good readings to stoke the fire. Then some time to enjoy music I love, take my mind off of the words that weren’t arriving on the page the way I wanted them. Then the nose to the grindstone bit with some drafting and some new submissions.

And it has paid off. Things are starting to look up. A press I really admire (Thrush Poetry) gave me a lovely and encouraging rejection of my recently completed chapbook of Bishop/Lowell poems. This makes me feel that I am on the right track with this collection. I have two poems in a journal I have loved for a long time, Leah Browning’s Apple Valley Review(One of them is a poem from the newly-organized chapbook mentioned above!) I also have work accepted at Kristy Bowen’s wicked alice (another “bucket-list” target), Literary Mama, and Notes from the Underground UK, and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival on said sites.

I also continue to be inspired by other writers and how they push through their own individual challenges. If you are looking for some inspiration, head over to the The Stanza to read Molly Spencer or to Good Universe Next Door to read Carolee Bennett. Or to any of the other links on my sidebar. They all make me feel less alone in the quest to create poems that mean something to me and may also resonate with others.

So things are looking up. It is so strange the way things turn.


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