Poetry Mixtape 41: Braiding the Storm by Laura E. Davis

I was so pleased to receive Laura E. Davis’s chapbook Braiding the Storm in my mailbox last week, and even more pleased to have time to read and digest it over the past week. In Laura’s book, the body reigns. These are visceral poems in both the literal and the figurative sense – poems of the body making sense of the larger physical world in which it lives and also making sense of the infinite internal landscape of emotion. There is both trepidation and embrace of the aging and failing of the body, both tenderness and anger in recalling relationships, both uncertainty and fearlessness in facing the inexplicable or the unknown.  In other words, this little book packs a big punch. One of my favorite poems in the collection is “Remedies for a Long Winter.” Take a moment to go read it at qarrtsiluni.


Welcome back!  This poem is certainly one to learn from in terms of using image to drive a poem. I especially love the “human measurements of time:/dusk, a jiffy,a teacup of fallen oranges.” I also like the marriage of natural images with images of the home and the body. Throughout the chapbook, Laura combines images in a way that is new and fresh and sends the reader back into the poems for second, third, and fourth helpings along the way.

You can visit Laura’s blog Dear Outer Space to read more of her work online. Or, better yet, go to Finishing Line Press to purchase her fine chapbook. You won’t be disappointed.


If you want to write:

1. Write a remedy for spring, summer, or autumn, using Laura’s technique of focusing on images to reveal insights to your reader.


2. Use the following words from Laura’s poem as inspiration for your own: millipede, artichoke, atmosphere, pinecone.

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