2 and 3 of 30…it’s something

A few years ago, I heard about NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and decided that was nuts, especially since fiction is NOT my strength. But I did decide to try a poem a day challenge for November, and I am (of course) already behind.  But I do have 3 of 30 completed – I posted the first one the other day, and here are the second and third ones. This are all very rough drafts, so any feedback is welcome about whether or not there is anything to salvage from these attempts.

I will try to catch up with a fourth poem today.

This one came from different lines that showed up in my Twitter feed on Friday:


(removed for revision)


And this one was a free-write from an overheard line that I wrote down in my journal this summer:

We were talking about Jesus in the café and you said that he hated Democrats and I laughed at you so you pouted and I apologized so you picked at your salad and challenged my knowledge of the Bible and I said I don’t know much, but I know there were no Democrats in 30 AD and you said that Jesus hated people who sin and I said Then why did he die for them? and you said Not regular sinners, like, BIG sinners, like homosexuals and adulterers and those who support them, like Democrats, and I said that I didn’t think he qualified things like that and besides, he hung out with whores and beggars and you said that was exaggerated to emphasize his goodness and I said Then how can you believe anything in the Bible? and you said that I was being stubborn and not listening and I said So does Jesus hate me for being a stubborn Democrat, and anyway, Jesus opened a can of whup ass on moneychangers, so wouldn’t that be bankers, who are mostly aligned with the other party? and you said Just forget it-you are twisting everything I say and I said that I was just trying to be clear on your position and you said Let’s just agree to disagree and I said that was fine, that I would turn the other cheek like Jesus taught me, and you said, Oh, now you’re just mocking me and I said Believe whatever you want to believe and just then Jesus walked up and said Will you both just be quiet, please? You’re giving me a headache and we nodded and paid our bill while Jesus slid into our booth, ordered some coffee and made a feast of our leftover bread.


3 thoughts on “2 and 3 of 30…it’s something

  1. Wow, both of those could turn into something really, really cool. Definitely something to salvage here! I’d say the first one is pretty much a poem (love the cupid line– hee hee), I wonder if all it needs is a different form? I dunno, hard for me to say, since I seem to be endlessly tweaking poems. The second one, as it is, is *almost* a flash fiction– shorter and what I like to call “drive-by” fiash, lol– but I can see it turning into a really awesome poem, especially with that last part about Jesus showing up and the “leftover bread”. So cool.

    The thing I like most about PAD is that I have to be inventive to be inspired. You’ve certainly been inventive here!

    Anyway, that’s my 2.5 cents. 🙂

    I just finished #3 so I guess I have the rest of the day to catch up to #4!

      • LOL. I don’t either. I just write.

        Sometimes I don’t feel right giving feedback, because I’m the one who usually needs it, but it would be cool to see these revised.

        Excited to read your book, btw.

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