4 drafts done…all caught up

This is not good. But it’s done. Take that, November.

A Day at the New Zoo

The town spent years, forced a spring

where there was no water, watched

their children age before shopping mall

photographers until it was finished.

Baboons dance on a grand rock, and

each bus or car that approaches can see

them from the lot, their bare buttocks

beacons for children and giggling boys.

Girls crowd toward the enclosures, coward

their way back to the road as the gorilla

charges the glass, his hands, his nostrils,

his musk much too familiar for comfort.

Days are best to see the dolphins, but end

your evening with the hippos, their jaws

like treasure chests lined in pink velvet.

Dream of those dancing ones from Fantasia,

imagine yourself in the cradle of that wide

mouth, invisible to the world in its closed

jaws. Wake up safe in your own bed, still

smelling of dung and swamp and sweet spit.


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