Day 6: Of Presidents and Vampires

I voted today, but watching election results is not my thing. I feel like I have done my part, and now what will be will be. But before my draft from today…

Good news on the residency!!! Today I was offered a two-week summer residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska. I have been working on receiving a summer residency for a few years, and I am thrilled to be given this opportunity to focus on my writing uninterrupted in this lovely place.

And now…this bit of silliness for Day 6.

Watching Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter on Election Night

An escape from the gross dealings of pundits,

the foolish craft of prediction. After cooking,

emptying the dishwasher, no encouraging could

make me resort to returns. Not able to tell one

culprit from the next, I choose the allure of fiction

over the fashioned truth of news, watch the great

Emancipator as vampire slayer visit each corrupt

monster and scale his cursed body like a fish

with his silver blade. Two-headed news anchors

censor their speeches along party lines while

he hides his hatchet inside his greatcoat,

the congestion of tickers replaced by the light

and shadow of film. The morning will bring

what it will bring – no ringing of hands or blank

stares will change the satellite feed. For now,

a new history waits to bloom, but Abraham has

put on his coarse coat – he is sharpening his ax.



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