12, 13, 14…and one happy dance

Days 12, 13, and 14 have seen the Pioneer Wife come back two more times. In one poem, she is readying the homestead, uncertain yet enamored with the landscape. In the other, she is learning to trade needlework for a shotgun. I feel really good about these drafts, so I am not posting them here in their entirety.

In the first one, she looks out on fields cleared, burnt ends/of tall grass black as charcoal and ends with her husband’s swollen/hands around my furrowed face.

In the second one, she stands with the wooden/stock against my shoulder, one finger/poised on a curved tongue that speaks only thunder.

So, officially, I am still a day behind, hoping to do some writing tonight, but even if I don’t, the month has been quite fruitful.


And now, the happy dance! To add to my incredible streak of good fortune lately, I received word today that Kristy Bowen at dancing girl press will be publishing my fourth chapbook we build houses of our bodies in 2013. I am so pleased – Kristy produces beautiful books, and I will be in excellent company with many other great female poets.

I am also proud to be reading on November 25 at the incredibly lovely Chicago Cultural Center as a part of a fundraising event for the long-running Chicago print magazine After Hours.

The only sad news of the week is the passing of Jack Gilbert, one of my favorite poets. Rest in peace, Jack.


2 thoughts on “12, 13, 14…and one happy dance

    • Thank you, Maureen. I can hardly believe my good fortune lately. I guess hard work and continuing to put the work out there in the world is finally paying off. Next year will be a big year for me!

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