In which I am reminded why life is good

A good run in the morning air, sunshine making the wintry chill that has finally arrived seem refreshing. A slow, quiet train ride with a good book. A lovely walk through Chicago streets. A gorgeous old building full of sparkling marbled mosaics and gilded stairways. An unparalleled view of Millennium Park from the space where I got to hear and read poems. A good friend to share the poems and a ride home. A brief stop to see the extremely giggly and adorable baby boy of two other friends. Cooking dinner for my son before he returns to school tomorrow. Reading said son’s paper about PR ethics which references Captain Planet. Watching my husband open his birthday gifts. Writing the quiz I will give tomorrow in class which will allow me to regroup and settle back into work after five days away. Continued good fortune with my writing. A Christmas tree with more Star Wars ornaments than lights. Yoga pants and fleece and a comfortable couch. The knowledge that there will be more days like this four weeks from now during winter break. The knowledge that these people and pleasures in my life are not ephemeral. The desire to remind myself of this more often.


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