moving away from the shallow end

“Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.”  – Ralph Waldo Emerson. I guess I should start believing good old RW and know that my efforts have a part in my good fortune lately, but I am still feeling lucky as the poetry world continues to bring good tidings.

Apple Valley Review’s editor Leah Browning has nominated my poem “Mailing a Snowflake” for a Pushcart Prize. And though I know that there are MANY nominations, I agree with Sarah Sloat when she says the honor is really in knowing that an editor thought enough of your work not only to publish it but also to nominate it.  Strange coincidence alert – my only other Pushcart nomination was in 2005, for a prose poem called “Disconnect” – which appeared in Flashquake – whose editor at the time was no other than Leah Browning. Go figure. (On another note, Flashquake’s archives seem to now sadly be off-line, or I would have linked you there.)

Also, my short story “Every Stranger’s Face” went live online today at Notes from the Underground UK. (Unfortunately, their server seems to be down at the moment, so I hope you will be able to read at the link at some point.) I don’t write much short fiction; this story is an old one that I have a lot of affection for – I’m happy it finally found a home.

And I am so incredibly grateful to the writing community (both virtual and flesh-and-blood) that continues to inspire me. You all rock. All the time.


7 thoughts on “moving away from the shallow end

  1. Congrats! I also received the same good news this last week, and completely agree with the thought that “the honor is really in knowing that an editor thought enough of your work not only to publish it but also to nominate it.” I don’t have grand expectations, but I am honored just the same.

    BTW, you inspire and you rock as well. 🙂 Wishing you continued good ( effort-based) luck!

  2. Well, someone also said “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” (I could google it but I’m feeling lazy). Congrats to you on all your well-earned good luck accomplishments in the writing world — you deserve them!

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