Help me get away from myself…

Sleeping until 8:30 AM and having the energy to go out for a 3.5 mile run on a nearby nature trail, sunny and cold and invigorating. Using a holiday gift certificate to get an amazing massage. Spending the afternoon drafting three new pieces, completing the drafts for the Pioneer Wife cycle and writing a strange, prosey piece that I quite like. Taking a nap with the sun pouring through the windows. Meeting old friends and new (including virtual friends Kelly McQuain and Joseph Harker). Participating in a reading for an anthology of poems written from Peter Murphy’s wonderful prompts over the years. And now lying in a VERY comfortable bed, preparing to do a little more writing before starting three whirlwind days of poems, poems, and more poems.

The Winter Poetry and Prose Getaway is a special place. I feel like it is a signal that a new year of writing has begun, a new year where anything is possible. Let the games begin!


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