The song is over…

Well, almost.

After three days at the Poetry and Prose Getaway, I can list the following accomplishments:

*Drafted seven new poems, at least six of which I like and will revise. Tonight’s poem, from a postcard prompt, includes pigeons, pheasants, Audubon, and the color blue.
*Revision work on the Pioneer Wife cycle of poems
*Participated in a reading celebrating the anthology of Peter Murphy’s prompts called Challenges for the Delusional from Jane Street Press.
*Researched possible places for submission, aided by networking and suggestions
*Spent hours talking poetry, writing, life, the universe, and everything with excellent friends Rachel, Donna, Bridget, Kristin, Doug and Paul. (Donna suggested I write a series of poems that would serve as the undiscovered love poems of Moammar Gadhafi to Condaleeza Rice – I might just have to take on that challenge.)
*Met some virtual acquaintances in real life
*Talked teaching strategies with many, many people (including Ashley, Bridget, and Alex).
*Workshopped with Michael Broek and Barbara Daniels
*Kept up my workout regimen despite the crazy writing hours I keep when here.
*Wrote about 9 pages in my Moleskin that constitute an “action plan” for the creative work I want to do in the next several months.
*Attended a reading by poet Dorianne Laux and journalist Thomas Peele.
*Restrained myself and only bought one book.

Still to come before I head for home tomorrow:

*Workshopping with Dorianne Laux
*Final hours of writing time
*Saying goodbye to old friends and new
*Making plans to return next year!

The work I have done here the past several Januarys has been a signal that the writing year has begun- it’s my poetry New Year, and I resolve to keep the sense of community and encouragement that thrives here and let it feed my writing all through the coming months.

Thanks, Peter Murphy, for deciding to let us all join you. You make us work and make us smile – what more could we ask for?


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