the noise and the silence


What a last couple of weeks. First my husband’s 20th consecutive Disney Marathon in Florida, which was also my son’s first. The weather was gorgeous, the friends and family who traveled with us were great company, and I got to have my picture taken with Phineas and Ferb!

P1000033Then I came home and went to work for two days before leaving for the Poetry and Prose Getaway in Galloway, NJ. This writing conference always starts off my year with words and friends (not to be confused with Words with Friends, which I played for a while and then quit since they let people make up words…) More about what I did here. And anyone who is thinking about getting to the conference? Plan on getting there next year – it’s a wonderful place to be.

Then back to work this week, and a busy day today, taking the husband to the airport for a combination football pilgrimage (soccer, to most of you)/ visit with a friend in England, and then heading straight back to school for a Charity Fundraiser talent show where I was reminded of how much young people can do. They sang, they played piano and cello, they danced, and they displayed an energy and confidence that made me a little envious.

All of that was the noise.

Now I am firmly planted on the couch and happy to be here. I am catching up on some shows on the DVR and planning out my writing plans for the next several alone/lonely nights with just me and my ancient, incontinent Golden Retriever. I have a new candle to burn, editor’s notes on my manuscript waiting to be attacked, and no particular plans to leave the house this weekend except to visit my parents, if the snow stays manageable.

This is the silence.

And both are a blessing.


If you want to write:

Write a set of couplets that alternate lines of noise and lines of silence.


2 thoughts on “the noise and the silence

  1. Not the best, on a scatterbrained weekend, and trying to write at the cafe next to the most birdbrained geese-people I’ve had the misfortune to sit near in a long while, but hey, better than nothing for now: Vapors

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