Ugh. Not feeling well today, so it was a good day to hang out at home, be anti-social, and have a writing day. Aiding me in my attempt to stay focused was a trial of Anti-Social, a network-blocking piece of software for Macs that prevents you from accessing any social sites plus any others you add (even email). (There is one called Freedom which is for Macs or PCs.)

I spent three straight hours working on revising and re-ordering the manuscript. Three straight, uninterrupted hours. Seriously. That’s a record for me – and what I accomplished was more than I had planned or hoped, despite the fever and the chills. (Maybe the fever gave me some sort of delusional inspiration – who knows?)

Looking ahead to my residency this summer, it may well be worth it for me to spend the 10-15 dollars to purchase the software for when I need to be writing and researching on the computer. Either that, or look for a flu bug at the end of May.


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