Let it Snow… I Guess

Okay, I will give in and say that the powdery snow that has arrived in Chicago is sparkling and pretty and, with the sun shining, the winter has become beautiful, despite the shoveling. I only hope that it holds off from getting winter-ugly until after the husband returns from his trip tomorrow evening.

New drafts have been accumulating in big, fluffy piles as well. So far, three days in, I have kept up with the February Poem-A-Day group, and I have also managed to send out a few new submissions.

If you want to write:
Use the word “snow” to write a poem that also includes the words “breathing” and “blue.”


February 2 lines:

I curate each breath, each tic and flutter
of eyelid, each blue vein rivering my arms.

February 3 lines:

The rush of wind through tunnels sounds
like breathing, trains inhaling and exhaling
in opposite directions,

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