Rain, Rain, Go Away

Although it is certainly preferable to the snow on the east coast, the rain and grey skies around here are getting downright depressing. Yesterday, the sun peeked through for about an hour, but not long enough to chase away the wintery blahs. There are some sunny spots on the horizon, however.

I am looking forward to my classes this week as my kids are presenting creative self-portraits in class, sharing something about themselves that is integral to who they are. (This is one of the first parts of a unit on Identity, in which we will also read Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and To Kill A Mockingbird as we discuss who we are and what influences have made us that way.) It is always a revelation to see how diverse and talented they are.

Also, the Pioneer Wife has found another home. One of the poems will appear in the upcoming issue of Sou’wester along with the three that are forthcoming in Menacing Hedge later this Spring.  I have started to put her poems together in a chapbook and have begun some initial investigation into presses that may have open submissions coming up.

Still keeping up with February Poem a Day so far…I have to write a poem yet today, so perhaps I will go do that before I start cooking dinner. 

The clouds are parting…have a good week!


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