there’s a swallow, there’s a calm

I started February with high hopes for poem-a-day. I made it to Day 17 and haven’t written anything since. My mind seems like it has been erased or zapped with that Men in Black device. It feels like new ideas are actively running away and hiding from me in a deep, dark forest, laughing at me behind my back. And, even though it is a few months away, I am wrapped in pre-panic about not having a specific focus for the time of my residency in early June.


The snow last night fell pretty and sparkling, the prettiest snow of the season. This morning, my lovely husband plowed the driveway so that I could pull the car straight out and head to work.


Our beautiful golden retriever Cairo, who you see in the header, left us this week after many long years of barking, chasing squirrels, and rolling in the grass. We will miss her very much.


At work, I had a fantastic day teaching the form of the Elizabethan sonnet to my 13-year-old students; they caught on very quickly and wrote wonderful sonnets about everything from love (at least a middle school version of it), One Direction, hockey, t-rexes, and Kyrie Irving.


*Post title is from The Decemberist’s “Of Angels and Angles.” Their music always soothes me. (calm)

If you want to write: (maybe one of these will work for me, too…)

1. Use the words “swallow” and “calm” as inspirations for a two-stanza poem.

2. Use another line from that song – “there’s a full moon caught in your tangles” – to inspire a poem about that “you.”  A tree? Someone’s hair? Something else? You decide.


5 thoughts on “there’s a swallow, there’s a calm

  1. But those are some gorgeous poems you wrote this month Donna! You should feel proud of what you accomplished!!! 17 poems to play with is a whole site better than two…:)

    And I’m so sorry to hear about your dog.

    • Thanks. I have actually written a few that I haven’t posted because they are embarrassingly awful. I guess I shouldn’t worry since the blog is private. I am hoping to break out of my funk soon.

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  3. Hope things are going okay after this week… a rough time, all told. Especially sorry to hear about your retriever; how are you coping? And I don’t believe you have any awful writing lying around. There’s only the writing you think is awful.

    I managed to drag a poem screaming from the vaults for this one: Stragglers. We need some sunlight these days.

    • We are doing well without our old pup, but it’s been 28 years since we’ve had no pet and it is strange. I hope you enjoy AWP. It can be overwhelming, so just do it your way. A little sun would be nice, but I can make it three more weeks until spring break.

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