where I am (not)

I am not in Boston. I am not at AWP. Many poets I know are there, and although I am a bit jealous, I am happy with knowing that I will definitely be attending next year. And I am also more than content with preparing for my romantic getaway with the husband during Spring Break, which will be much less stressful, much more sunny, and still involve lots of books and writing. 🙂

I have been following Kelli Russell Agodon’s #NotatAWP tweets today. She is taking her everyday experiences and making them into typical conference moments. A great laugh! I look forward to meeting Kelli next year in Seattle.

Birds and wings have been sneaking their way into my poem drafts this week – maybe the robins and geese, returned a bit early to the area and already singing, are making an impact. And, in preparing for my reading next week at the local library, I have actually written a cohesive process statement about the three books that are coming out this year. And I may or may not be applying for a scholarship to a workshop this summer for writers over 50. (Ugh. And yay?)

And, to wrap things up, in my seniority statement at work today, I found out that I have been working in this school district for 8,224 days. That number gave me pause. Maybe I will throw myself a party when I get to 10,000 (which should be shortly before I retire…). Sigh.


5 thoughts on “where I am (not)

  1. Looking out the front door of the cafe right now with the howling snow, I am feeling somewhat better about my decision not to go to Boston. There’s plenty to do and see wherever. 🙂 Hope that these signals of spring are brightening your days a bit! Please send them east when they’ve chirped themselves out.

  2. I am also #NotatAWP. And also looking forward to Seattle. Can I just say HOORAY for that phrase “the three books that are coming out this year” !!!!! Have fun on your romantic getaway.

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