The Big Poetry Giveaway is Coming!

Sorry I have been quiet as of late…the end of a quarter at school, the oppressive slate of grey skies, and my impending vacation with the wonderful husband have been occupying my mind and my time. But…it’s almost April and that means National Poetry Month. And that means….the Big Poetry Giveaway is here!

My Try Poetry Giveaway

Sponsored by Susan Rich this year, you can read all of the rules and ins and outs over at her post here. But the basics are:

  • You leave a comment on this post between April 1 and April 29.
  • I choose a random winner at the end of April.
  • I send you two poetry books: my first chapbook Womb/Seed/Fruit and a copy of T.A. Noonan’s The Bone Folders, a challenging and inventive collection that follows a coven of Louisiana witches through the death of their high priestess and uses math, programming language, mythology and experimental forms to create a unique reading experience that will challenge and delight you. (I have two copies – I would never give away my only one…)

If you haven’t been here before, let me introduce myself:

1. I blog here about writing and poetry, but I also have a website where you can learn more about me –

2. I have been a middle school teacher for 22 years and I am still relatively sane.

3. I love music, especially live music, and I sing and play the piano and the guitar.

4. I ran three half-marathons this year – run being a relative word. (I’m slow…)

5. If you bring me a Diet Coke, I will be your friend.

6. I have traveled to every continent except Antarctica.

7. I confess that I watch WAY too much television…although usually while multi-tasking and grading papers or lesson-planning or writing blog posts…like right now…I am watching The Walking Dead as I type.

So leave a comment! And win books! And visit Susan’s site to look for more blogs to visit!


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