just browsing, thanks

Some interesting finds from the past couple of days – hope you find something to strike your fancy.Also, watch the sidebar scroll here or follow me on Twitter (@djvorreyer) to read lines from the chapbooks my 7th grade students created this quarter. I will post this week, maybe next week while I’m on vacation, and then continue as long as I have lines to tweet.


Wonderful new poem “Inside the Balloon” at wicked alice by Jessica Ankeny.


A sad but true article on the state of teaching at The Educator’s Room – “The Exhaustion of the American Teacher.”


Daniel Wallace opens a conversation about the problems of modern poetry with Joshua Mehigan’s “Make Make it New New” article from Poetry Magazine over at The Incompetent Writer. Go weigh in…


And, of course, go to Susan Rich’s The Alchemist’s Kitchen to participate in The Big Poetry Giveaway – she has a running sidebar of all the bloggers who are giving away books. Including me!


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