Day 3: Landslide

Rachel Bunting‘s NaPoWriMo poems are all based on news items this year, and you should head over and read her fabulous work. I borrowed her strategy for today’s draft, going to Yahoo News! last night and taking some notes from a story about a landslide in Tibet. Since the event has its own inherent drama and tragedy, I tried to keep the distanced language of a news report:

89 Missing in Landslide at Jiama Mine, Tibet
The earth sobbed and heaved
its great shoulders and collapsed
onto the bodies of the sleeping men.
Rescue workers dug through
fifty meters of rubble until new
cracks in the hills slashed warning.
Hospitals in Lhasa were placed
on emergency alert to treat survivors.
Their beds sit cold and empty, waiting.

2 thoughts on “Day 3: Landslide

  1. Well thank you for the link and the compliment!

    I like the distance in this – I think it lends a new clarity. I wonder if the distance might be emphasized if the earth was indifferent? A shrug instead of a sob? Just a thought.

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