Day 8: A Little Late

I confess that I did not get my poem posted yesterday, but I did draft it. While I was attending a book release reading for John Goode, a talented poet and super sweet person who finally has a book out in the world. Graduating from Eternity contains John’s special blend of surreal urban landscapes with a tenderness that is sometimes heartbreaking. Check it out.

Anyway, John’s reading was at one of my usual poetry haunts, and last night it lived up to its “haunt” reputation in a different way. I realized it was at last year’s April reading at this place (at the same table where I sat last night) that I last spoke to a good friend who then left this world shortly after. After this realization hit me, I was not really able to focus on the open mic for a long period of time, so I began scribbling in my notebook instead.

This is by no means a proper or completed tribute to the friend who is gone, but it is an attempt. Which is the best I can do at this point.

The Corner Table

We try not to wake the painful parts, spinning them

away on a roulette wheel with a ball that never drops.

(Remainder removed for editing)


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