NaPoWriMo Rewind: Bad at Math

Yes, I know it’s day 17. And I am not having much luck keeping up with the poem-a-day. But I decided to do some revision work today, and I’m feeling much better about at least attempting to keep my mind occupied with poetry this month and keep the practice going.

So even though it’s day 17, I offer here Poems 10 and 11, one a very brief little nugget and the other a revision of a poem in a series I was working on earlier in the fall using titles from “Battle Hymn of the Republic” lyrics.

Day 10: “without you”

without you


a 19th-century tubercular

lung-clenched, linen-fisted

awaiting a waft of salt air


Day 11: Succor to the Brave

succor to the brave

you crawl across concrete, broken bottle

mosaic pressed into your knees, and

you bleed for me

and I am sick at the sight, heaving,

wailing while you suffer, still

you bleed for me

and I shrink from your shredded flesh,

your war-fresh stigmata, yet

you bleed for me.

I flinched as I poured the alcohol, first in

your wounds then into our mouths –

you bled for me

and I dabbed with my best tenderness

at the places you were broken and

you bled for me

and then I cradled your head and stroked

your hair, your mangled limbs in our bed  –

my God – how you bled.



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