Day 19: april redux

I went to meet two dogs at the shelter this afternoon, brothers who the shelter wants to adopt together. They were adorable and loving and open as dogs are, and we will go back to see about bringing them home early next week. Dogs always make me happy, which is something I needed this week. The news has been full of cold and floodwaters and explosions and sadness, and April does not seem at all like spring this year. It seems gray and unwelcoming and depressing all around.

So I started to think about the draft I wrote earlier in April, which took lines from other poets about this traditionally spring month. And I felt I needed to take a different take on  this particular month.

So, for Day 19 (but only the 12th poem):

April, Redux

What blows. What freezes. What weather

grips our tender flesh and squeezes hard.

What floats. What floods. What waters rise

and lift the heavy boxes that hold our days.

What crashes. What thunders. What clouds

billow and slip tears beneath our eyelids.

What hides. What is discovered. What fear

behind the doors, beneath the bloody boat.



2 thoughts on “Day 19: april redux

  1. Well done and timely, perfect for the kind of April it has been. I like the flow and structure that cradle your words and images. Thanks for sharing this. May the month be better soon.

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