I read the sign: which way should I go?

Today I made some decisions about which way to go. (More on that later…) The title of the post refers to an Edward Thomas poem called “The Sign Post”, and it deals with the constant indecision of a person’s life at any age or stage, that “a mouthful of dirt to remedy all/regrets and wishes shall be freely given.” In other words, stop worrying so much about every decision since we’re all going to end up dead.

Now, I wasn’t really being morbid today, just making some decisions. I have been re-reading the journals of Lewis and Clark, and I knew that I wanted to try and create something with phrases I have been noting from each section. Centos? Found poems? New work with titles lifted from the journals? Aargh. And today I figured out a way to make all those ideas work together. That’s all I’ll say for now, but I think the idea is interesting enough to pursue. So working on that idea today at some point looked like the Post-it photo below. The others are working photos – my white board and my wonderful door hanger from Sou’wester that arrived with my contributor’s copies last week. Good timing.

I also received the almost-final proof of my manuscript today to peruse – so exciting! – and started another set of prosey-poemy things about a character simply called (at this point) “the girl.” The girl is rather odd and little mean. We’ll see what she does next.

And speaking of signs, today on my afternoon I-must-get-off-my-butt-or-I-will-be-fused-to-the-chair walk, I noticed that Nebraska City is full of restored advertising signs – you know, the ones painted on the sides of buildings? They are their own sort of pop art. Enjoy.

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