god of my own kingdom


Today finds me approximately halfway through my time here in Nebraska, so I took stock today. By the numbers:

  • 25 new poem drafts
  • innumerable minor revisions of old work
  • 8 journal submissions
  • second thorough proofing of my manuscript
  • 4 sketches or attempts at visual art
  • 7 books read, 2 print journals
    • Dash Literary Journal, Sou’wester
    • three little bones tour chapbooks by Josh Gaines, Ben Clark and Stevie Edwards
    • Reasons to Leave the Slaughter by Ben Clark
    • Cigarette Sonatas by Josh Gaines
    • When Kerosene’s Involved by Daniel Romo
    • Selected Poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay
  • 3 audio lectures from poetryfoundation.org
  • Made notes for several new ideas
  • Researched journals for submissions/read online journals

So, maybe that seems like a lot to some of you, and maybe that seems like nothing to others of you who are naturally prolific. For me, it is more than I have accomplished in the past four months, so I am quite pleased with my work here so far.

I read an article called “I Did Not Vanish: On Writing” by Cynthia Cruz on the Rumpus today. Although the article speaks very personally about what writing is for her, there is much there for every writer to make connections. I was particularly struck by this quote about how she feels when writing: “For those moments or hours, I am God of my kingdom. No one tells me how things go. No one can argue against me when I’m writing poems.” There is much in this piece to contemplate and admire – go read for yourself.



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