on slumps and recoveries

Yesterday was a bit of a slump, I admit, even though I seemed to pull myself out of it at the end. But, if you consider my residency in baseball terms, having 6 of 7 productive days gives me a batting average of .857! (Compare that to Adam Dunn, supposedly the  slugger on my favorite team, the White Sox, who is only batting .185 and I’m a regular Hall-of-Famer.)

Today was what I would call a recovery. I did hours of revision work, completed a few more submissions, read two books, went for a tough and sweaty run. All valuable work. Sometimes I put too much pressure on myself to draft, forgetting that much of writing is in the aftermath of that act, that drafting is only the beginning.

I had some good news as well. Marc Neys (Swoon), the filmmaker with whom I have previously collaborated, has created a haunting film for “The Pioneer Wife Speaks in Tongues,” one of the poems from my latest chap from Redbird Chapbooks. Marc’s film uses his own original sound and music, my reading, and some strikingly edited public domain film to create a tone poem that, although not literal to the text of the poem, certainly captures its feeling. (The soundtrack is best appreciated through headphones…)

Also, Daniel Romo posed a visual prompt challenge on his blog last week to give away a copy of his new book Romancing Gravity. He chose my prose poem (the first of the poems about the girl!) as the challenge “winner.” You can go read it here – while you’re there, figure out a way to get yourself some copies of Daniel’s books -he is wonderful.

So, three more days to go. I have a rough working plan for the last days that includes healthy sprinklings of reading, revising, submitting, drafting, note-taking…and eating local apple pie at the orchards with my fellow residents…and having a massage to work out the kinks in my back and shoulders from hours at a computer or a desk. Recovery. I’m picking my spot, pointing at fences, ready to knock it out of the park.


8 thoughts on “on slumps and recoveries

  1. Glad to hear that it’s going well, and I’m sure you have a few triples and homers left. 🙂 Thanks also for the direction to Daniel’s book; I haven’t followed his blog in a while, and now I’m thinking, why’d I stop?

  2. Congrats on that video–“haunting” is the right word. I love the blurred quality of the sound (I think it’s the layering of whispers in the background)….just right for your poem.

    You’re also reminding me of the importance of revising….I have many on the backburner that need some tending.

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