the song is over

The song of late-night train whistles. The song of birds, of wind whipping branches against the bedroom window. The song of late nights and long afternoons, of keyboard clicks and pen scratches. The song of starting anew and of starting over. The song of business and boredom, of ease and effort. The song of lonely and lively, of walks and wiling. The song of naps and necessities, of groceries and grief. The song of tears and taxidermy, of balconies and back pain. The song of masseuse and muses, of changing and changes. Of nostalgia and newness. Of homesick and hip-sore. Of brilliance and berating. Of revision and renewal. Of silence and sleep. Of poetry and prose, reading and remembering. The song is over. Let a new song take its place.


7 thoughts on “the song is over

  1. Hi Donna!

    I’ve just now had a chance to catch up and comment– though I’ve been following your journey all the way through your residency. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience and have come away with some sweet memories, even if you did have to navigate through back pain and homesickness, and have ended up with tons of seeds for more wonderful work to come.

    Hope you are enjoying the rest of your Summer!

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