raising the platform and waiting for the lightning

One of my favorite horror movie moments is when Dr. Frankenstein (in any incarnation) raises his creation to the sky and waits for lightning to strike and bring him to life.

I’m feeling a little like the good doctor right now – my creation, lovingly stitched together from scraps of truth, fiction, craft and imagination, is on the platform. I hope to have a release date soon so I can cry out to you, all my little Igors, “It’s alive!”

We are in the final stages of text and art design, and working with Sundress Publications has been a delight and a pleasure from start to finish. Editor Erin Elizabeth Smith, an excellent poet as well as Sundress editor-in-chief, has used her extraordinary skills to make the book shine, and three lovely poet friends/mentors have lent their thoughts about the book as blurbs. (Many thanks to the wonderful Douglas Goetsch, Laura McCullough, and Patricia Smith for their time and careful reading.)

And, along with all of that, today I received my very first royalty check from the good folks at Redbird Chapbooks for sales of The Imagined Life of the Pioneer Wife. Thanks to all of you who have supported me and this wonderful press.



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