the end of a journey

Mosquitoes. Rain. Humidity.Vastly varying temperatures. No, not here in Chicago. Just four of the things that made Lewis and Clark miserable on their journey. I have been reading their journals all summer, and much of my residency was planning, taking notes for, and drafting poems inspired by images and lines written by the two explorers. 

I thought the poems would be a new way to look at their journey narrative, but they ended up being something completely different. There are currently 14-15 drafts, several of which have already gone through drastic revisions, and yesterday’s high temperatures (which kept me inside for most of the day, except for a brief foray to pick green beans and pull some weeds) were the perfect time to sit down with the journals and flesh out a few more drafts as well as revise some of the older ones.

All of the poems seem to fit together in a loose arc except for one, which is about Dr. Drew. You know. The celebrity rehab guy. I am thinking that they may end up as another chapbook manuscript.  

And now, in a short time, my friend and most excellent poet Kristin LaTour will be arriving for some writing, some planning of workshops we are doing at the public library this fall, and some good conversation. She is one of my first readers and always gives good revision suggestions, so perhaps I will spring Dr. Drew on her. 🙂


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