at the risk of being annoying…

There was a moment this weekend when I had a little revelation about a possibility for how to start organizing a second manuscript. I thought about the long trip from the conception of the first manuscript to its recent publication: all of its incarnations over the years (yes, years), all of the rejections, and all of the hard work. And I asked myself if it was worth it, worth perhaps going through all that effort again. And the answer is yes. Absolutely yes.

As most of you have probably heard, my first collection A House of Many Windows is now available for pre-order from Sundress Publications. I couldn’t be more proud of the way it turned out, from the beautiful cover art by Christine Shank, to the meticulous and gentle editing prowess of Erin Elizabeth Smith, to the kind and generous advance praise provided by  Douglas Goetsch, Laura McCullough, and Patricia Smith. The long journey was definitely worth it.

Comp_09 (1)


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