After weeks of high humidity and ridiculous temperatures, the weather is finally what summer is supposed to be: warm, sunny days with cool evenings. Thank goodness. With the break in the weather also comes a resurgence of energy – I have been more consistent with my workouts, and I have a renewed sense of urgency regarding new writing. (I must admit, I had a little slump there after the residency – I think my brain was tired.)

I also have started another round of submissions, at least preparing for the markets that open on August 15. I go back to work on August 19, and I like to have a boatload of submissions under my belt before the whirlwind first months of middle school gear up for yet another year.

I’ve also been reading. I am finding much to love in Dara Weir’s collection You Good Thing from Wave Poetry. (More on that book when I’m finished with a careful reading.) I am almost finished with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. And I am enjoying Issue 8 of PANK – it’s my go-to while I’m cooking dinner since I can read a short story or a couple of poems in between tasks.

And getting together with girlfriends (woman-friends?) tonight for conversation and party food will be a great way to cap off the week. (I can always write tomorrow, right?)


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